So, yet another fitness craze…. Maybe, but
finally one that makes sense!


What is the objective of CrossFit?

To teach you to move well, to feel the moves and enjoy moving ��. Here, you don’t have to run a marathon, or swim several thousands of meters, grow your biceps or climb the Himalayas, but you will be able to do any of these, any time.


The focus of this training system is diversity. Routine, repetitive trainings are avoided, that’s not the objective. Imagine that you run 5 kms every day. You show progress the first 4 weeks, then start stagnating, then regressing. Why?

Because until your body is getting used to the workload, it compensates, tries to survive, but if your training is always the same, your physical state will stop progressing and finally it will regress. This is the biggest pitfall of most amateur sports. Diversity is key. It’s like learning only math at school or eat carbohydrates only. None of these is healthy.

What is the solution?

When doing sports, it is important to develop every skill. So that we can run, climb a rope, do a handstand, lift objects, exceed your limits any time (no routine trainings).

How do we help you?

Our trainers are Physical Education Teachers, holding multiple degrees. To us, it’s quality that matters.


CrossFit Everybody coaches


Success stories

„The best thing I thank to Spartan is meeting CrossFit and the team of CrossFit Everybody”


September 21, 2018

“It’s incredible, but it’s been almost 20 years that I’ve known Attila and have attended his trainings. When I was 15, after a summer spent in the US my parents hardly recognized me at the airport 😂. This is when my mom first sent me to a personal training. I remember that on Saturdays we used to run on Margitsziget with Ati, but with weights attached to my legs😂. I thought I wasn’t going to survive it, but finally I did! I think this feeling hasn’t changed since!! I would like to take the opportunity and thank you that I could always count on your trainings and your expertise, that you always got me in shape, helped me to get rid of the 25 kgs after giving birth to my child… and I want to thank you that you persuaded me to start CrossFit, and through you I met my husband, and now I can admire our beautiful daughter. “


January 28, 


“It was one of the best decisions in my life that after my childhood without sports I went to the gym to train with Attila. In 2018 I became a national champion in weightlifting. ”


November 17, 



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